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10th May - 22nd May

Like many others, we are so glad to be back after the hiatus of the past two years with a live Literary Festival. These have been held in Chalfont St Giles since 2006.

We hope you like our selection of speakers who cover a wide variety of subjects. We include several aspects of Crime, with a talk on the Mafia and a Crime Pays syndicate of local authors.

We feel sure you will be interested in the history we cover from King Edward VIII, via an Indian lawyer mystery to 21st century broadcasting memories. Talks on fashion and Dorothy Parker are mixed with science celebrating the Zooinverse work of volunteers and exploring how history may have been changed with better medical knowledge.

English talks are on Middlemarch, Milton, Lawrence, Wodehouse, Words and How to Write.

Finally we welcome a wonderful couple to entertain us with poetry and music.

Whilst there is plenty here to interest a variety of tastes, we are pleased that we are continuing with our written competitions for our three village schools.