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Katie Hickman - "Writing about History: Fact or Fiction"

Katie Hickman - "Writing about History: Fact or Fiction"


Wednesday 9th May at 3.00pm

Reading Room, High Street HP8 4JH


There was a time when historical fiction was the poor relation of the literary world. Historical fiction meant historical romance and was neither respectable nor respected. 

How things have changed in the last few decades! Although the ‘bodice-ripper’ is alive and well, some of our most respected and literary novelists are now turning their hands to this most beguiling of genres, examples of which not only crop up regularly on the shortlists of literary prizes but win them (including the Booker and now the Nobel Prize, no less); but amongst historians this ‘hijacking’ of history remains controversial. 

As a best-selling author of both history and historical fiction, Katie Hickman is brilliantly placed to examine this phenomenon. With a combination of erudition and humour, she will talk about her own work, her research and whether and under what circumstances it is possible to ‘invent’ history. 

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