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John Carey - "The Essential Paradise Lost"

John Carey - "The Essential Paradise Lost"


Thursday 17th May at 3.30pm

Reading Room, High Street HP8 4JH

The Essential Paradise Lost

John Carey

Following its publication in 1667, John Milton’s Paradise Lost became celebrated throughout Europe as a supreme achievement of the human spirit. But today, it is little read. 

John Carey invites us to return to Milton’s masterpiece, distilling the heart of this epic poem into a sequence of vivid narratives – from the rise of Satan to the fall of Adam and Eve. 

Each passage from the work, astutely excerpted, is introduced with Carey’s renowned insight, casting new light on Milton’s sources of inspiration and the true depth of the poem’s key protagonists. 

The Essential Paradise Lost presents the work’s greatest poetry with linking passages that preserve its cosmic sweep – from the superhuman defiance of a ruined archangel to a pair of tragic lovers, bewildered to find themselves responsible for the fate of the whole human race. 

John will be in conversation with author and playwright Gareth Cadwallader.

John will be signing books in Milton’s Cottage after his talk.

Photo © Matt Writtle

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