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Chloe Wong - Florence Nightingale: Her Life & Legacy

Chloe Wong - Florence Nightingale: Her Life & Legacy


Friday 15th May at 8.00pm

Memorial Hall, School Lane HP8 4JJ

Chloe Wong’s talk will focus on the story of Florence Nightingale’s life from early inspirations to become a nurse, to her time in the Crimean War and then her fame on return and her campaigning legacy which lasted until her death. Chloe will also talk about various innovative ideas pioneered by Nightingale which include her statistical contributions as well as her wide-reaching reforms to nursing...people often think of her only as a nurse but she did a lot more than nursing! Finally, the talk will look at Nightingale’s legacy and the influences she has had to the present day, from her birth exactly 200 years ago.

Chloe Wong is the Collections Officer at the Florence Nightingale Museum in London. She was previously Assistant Curator at Durham University’s Castle Museum and has also worked in a curatorial/collections capacity at the Museum of Brands and the Foundling Museum. She holds a first class honours BA in History from Leicester University, an MPhil in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic studies from Cambridge University and an MA in Museum and Artefact studies from Durham University.

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