Mary Sharp

Is This The Real Life?

19 May
3:00 pm
Chalfont St Giles Parish Church


£ 9.00 GBP

Free Event - Ticket required

From Plato’s cave to the Matrix movie, an exploration of the ways writers and artists have challenged our perceptions of reality.

When Lucy goes through the wardrobe into Narnia, Harry Potter opens his letter and Neo takes the red pill, they all discover that the worlds they thought they knew are only part of the truth.

From Plato onwards, artists and writers have been inspired to push beyond the everyday and to create other universes that inspire our imaginations. This lecture explores what these stories tell us about how we view our lives and what it is we most desire.

Mary is an experienced broadcaster and teacher with particular expertise in literature and drama. She worked for many years for BBC Radio 4 producing some of its most popular programmes including Start the Week and Woman’s Hour before joining the senior management team as a Commissioning Editor.  

Mary has subsequently worked as a teacher and Director of Sixth Form at a leading girls’ grammar school.  She now lectures for the Arts Society and runs her own company ‘Opening Up Literature’ which offers literature courses for adults including studies of Shakespeare and Creative Writing.   

Her most popular course is ‘Telling Tales’ which explores how writers and artists have reinvented classical stories. She is also a professional bridge teacher and lecturer.