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Ryan Thwaites  - Vaccines: What are they and how do they work?

Ryan Thwaites - Vaccines: What are they and how do they work?


Wednesday 13th May, 3pm

Reading Room, High Street HP8 4JH

Ryan Thwaites’s talk will cover the history of vaccination, beginning long before Edward Jenner’s famous studies of small pox. The successes of vaccines against diseases that once decimated global populations will be discussed, as well as how vaccines train our immune systems to protect us against disease. In recent years our improving understanding of how the immune system works has opened new possibilities for vaccines to protect us against diseases as diverse as colds, flu and even cancer.

Ryan is a Research Associate within the National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London. He obtained his PhD in 2015 in the field of immunology from the Brighton and Sussex Medical School, University of Sussex. Following on from this work, he joined Professor Peter Openshaw at the NHLI.

His research continues to investigate the activity of the immune system in human disease, particularly during the anti-viral immune response to respiratory viruses. This work uses both non-infectious human models of immune activation (such as allergens and components of viruses) and experimental human infection studies with live viruses. These studies aim to improve our understanding of the immune system in the airways, to aid in the development and improvement of vaccines for important respiratory pathogen

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