Tuesday 17th 3pm (Reading Room)

Denise Beddows, Margaret Whittock and Catriona Troth (Spooks & Spooks)

TICKET PRICES: Adult £7, Under-18 £3 (and see ticket prices for all events on Booking Form HERE)

TICKETS BY POST from the Box Office: The Finches, Mill Lane, Chalfont St Giles, Bucks HP8 4NX (cheque payable to 'CSG&J Literary Festival' accompanied by a booking form and SAE).

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DJ KellyP

Denise Beddows will explore spooks of the spy variety – specifically looking at Buckinghamshire'’s 600-year history of subversion, plots, spies and spycatchers, when Chalfont St Giles itself housed SOE agents of World War Two (as featured in her latest book Buckinghamshire Spies and Subversives).


Margaret WhittockP

Margaret Whittock, author of Ghost of Gallipolli, will reveal the sinister and spooky circumstances in which, against all odds, she discovered the graves of her two great uncles amongst over 100,000 others in the graveyards of Gallipolli., 


Catriona Troth will describe the inspiration and background to her book, Ghost Town, and the way The Specials'’ spooky chart-topping song of that name eerily reflected the urban decay, unemployment, rioting and violence of those times.


All three authors have a wealth of experience in creative writing and full details of their books, background and biographies will be found in the individual event programme which will be distributed to the audience on the day.