Saturday 14th - 7:30pm (Memorial Hall)

Salley Vickers (“Life, Death, Love and Art“)

TICKET PRICES: Adult £9, Under-18 £3 (and see ticket prices for all events on Booking Form HERE)

TICKETS BY POST from the Box Office: The Finches, Mill Lane, Chalfont St Giles, Bucks HP8 4NX (cheque payable to 'CSG&J Literary Festival' accompanied by a booking form and SAE).

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Salley Vickers full lengthP

Life, Death, Love and Art: London-based author Salley Vickers has worked as a teacher of literature and as a Jungian psychologist and has lectured widely.
Salley'’s first novel Miss Garnett’s Angel, published in 2000, was hailed by critics and readers alike as the best evocation of Venice in print today; its heroine, a 60 year old retired spinster whose encounter with Venice radically alters her life, has become an icon.              
Her most recent book is The Cleaner of Chartres about the ancient cathedral in Chartres, with its mismatched spires, astonishing stained glass and strange labyrinth, and Agnès Morel, the mysterious woman who is to be found cleaning it each morning.