Wednesday 11th – 3pm (Jordans Quaker Meeting House)

Kate Wild (“Words of the First World War”)

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Kate WildP

Kate Wild: The First World War had a significant impact on English vocabulary. Words and phrases relating to new weapons and types of warfare were coined (eg tank, gas mask, shell shock, strategic bombing, home front, rationing); words were borrowed from German (eg U-boat, strafe) and from French (eg napoo, alleyman, toot sweet); and the war also affected the development and spread of many existing words (eg trench, camouflage, cushy).
As part of the centenary commemorations, the Oxford English Dictionary has updated its coverage of such vocabulary. In this talk, we will first discuss how and why the OED is revised and then describe the WWI project in detail, showing how research led to new discoveries about the histories of particular wartime words.