Saturday 12th May at 3.00pm, Deanway United Reform Church HP8 4JL

Gavin Weightman: In Praise of Amateur Inventors

TICKET PRICES: Tickets £7   (Under 18s £4)

TICKETS BY POST from the Box Office: The Finches, Mill Lane, Chalfont St Giles, Bucks HP8 4NX (cheque payable to 'CSG&J Literary Festival' accompanied by a booking form and SAE).

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Gavin Weightman 2018

Journalist, documentary film maker and author, Gavin Weightman, author of Eureka: how invention happens (Yale), reveals the ancient discoveries which, in time, made possible five twentieth century inventions: the aeroplane, television, the bar code, the personal computer and the mobile phone; and he explains why the inventor who finally makes a dream a reality is invariably an amateur or an outsider.

Gavin Weightman: a journalist, documentary film maker and author, Gavin became interested in social and industrial history when he studied sociology at Bedford College, London University in the 1960s. His films for ITV included a history of London from 1815 to 1939, two series documenting urban wildlife, the story of the River Thames and a light hearted history of the seaside holiday. He is the author of more than twenty books including The Frozen Water Trade which told the unlikely story of how a Boston merchant sold lake ice around the world in the nineteenth century, sending the winter harvest of New England to the English in Bombay, Madras and Calcutta. He lives in north London with the illustrator Clare Beaton.